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Vertical line :Illinois and Indiana border

Yellow area is 110 square mile watershed

Horizontal line: Cook and Will county border.



26th Street dam which blocks Salmon from migrating upstream were they can hatch and survive for 2 years before returning to lake michigan

Discovery Channel showed how drones with LIDAR can locate surface disturbances last evening. The following article shows LIDAR for Storm Water Drainage Solutions is a Florida Sanitary District!



I am working on improving the identification of areas impacted by Sewer Backup which is directly related to deficiencies in the Surface Drainage Infrastructure.. How do I contact the Drone Resources of the MWRD regarding the article above? 


Also need a response to the 25% local share for the open Green Grant due in February from the Cook County Stormwater Drainage Authority (MWRD-GC, 2004)

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